How the Presidential Primary Works

The MN presidential primary is on March 5th! Early voting begins January 19th. Learn more about the upcoming presidential primary election from the MN Secretary of State:

For more information on how the nomination process works, check out this informative article from the League of Women Voters of Minnesota, which is excerpted below:

Picking the President

The Presidential Nominating Primary

Most voters think of the presidential election as happening in November every four years. But the process that voters use to pick our president actually extends long before election day. Campaigning by candidates often starts well over a year before election day, and voters begin to actually pick the final candidates for election several months before election day. The first official step in the process in Minnesota is the presidential nominating primary.


The presidential nominating primary is a process by which voters cast a vote for their preferred presidential candidate on a ballot of their preferred major political party. The day for the presidential nominating primary is March 5, 2024 (also known as “Super Tuesday”), but early voting begins January 19, 2024. The result of the presidential nominating primary may affect who appears on the ballot in November.

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